About bets on Boxing

Boxing is a popular sport liked by both amateurs and professionals. The fight in the ring between two opponents has certain rules, for example, the opponent can not be held and strangled, and also blows below the belt are strictly forbidden, etc. The duration of amateur battles is three rounds of three minutes, professional battles comprise twelve rounds of three minutes.

Where to place bets

If you are new to sports betting, then do not be lazy and carefully study on the Internet section "what is bookmakers?" Bets on boxing are carried out exactly in the bookmaker offices which are specially designated places where players make money bets on the favorite chosen by them with the pre-determined probabilities of the outcome of the game, which are determined by bookmaker coefficients. Bets on boxing are accepted by special agents called bookmakers. They also pay the winnings.

To date, there is a huge competition among the bookmakers, so players rarely make the right choice the first time. Do not rush to register at the first bookmaker that you came across. Do your best to make sure in the professionalism and reliability of the bookmaker office with which you decide to cooperate. On the Internet you will find exhaustive information about almost all existing bookies. At first, it will be more appropriate to trust the office that offers the best coefficients.

Types of bets

When making sports bets, the player always takes risks: he can win and can lose. However, boxing is not such an unpredictable sport. Box-rates are characterized by a much greater chance of a refund than, for example, this can be expected when playing on slot machines. Before participating in the game you need to find out where it's advantageous to make betting odds. Boxing can become for you not only entertainment, but also a source of regular financial receipts. Among the popular rates are the following:

  • Main outcome. In this bet, the player needs to guess the athlete who will win in a duel;
  • Draw. This bet assumes the same number of points for both boxers taking part in the fight. The status of a "draw" can only be awarded by refereeing;
  • Early victory. The bet at which the boxer wins before the end of the fight, that is, the boxer chosen by you must defeat the opponent by knockout or technical knockout, including disqualification or unwillingness to continue the fight;
  • Victory on points. The bet is made on the boxer who collected the most points during the whole fight. The victory is awarded by refereeing;
  • Number of rounds. Here, the player needs to guess the duration of the battle, that is, the number of played rounds. The fight is considered complete if the boxer is no longer able to fight after the end of the last round and before the start of another round.

How to bet on boxing

Boxing is a contrasting and very entertaining sport that has many fans around the world. Boxer battles attract the attention of even those people who are hardly interested in sports. There is one distinctive feature that makes boxing a unique sport. The fact that the duel can end at any time!

Often newcomers bet on a favorite without analyzing the event itself, and thereby make a mistake. Because the leader does not always win. It should be done wisely! Read as much information as possible about boxers taking part in battles. Analyze the statistics of the latest competitions. Do not forget to get acquainted with the opinions of experts and specialists. By observing these conditions, you will have more guarantees on winning.

Good luck! Play with us!