About betting on basketball

Every day the number of those who want to increase their finances at the expense of sports betting steadily grows. Since basketball is a very common sport, therefore, bets on it are extremely popular today. But we must take into account that basketball is quite an unpredictable game. Before betters the question always arises: "How to make bets correctly and earn money?"

Make bets correctly

Before you make bets, you need to find out which strategy suits you personally. The main point of the strategy is that before making a final decision on any bet, you need to get familiar with the statistics of matches and carry out a thorough analysis. What strategies for basketball betting are considered profitable?

Martingale on quarters

Given that the basketball game is divided into four quarters, then this strategy can be used on quarters. The essence of the strategy: if the team, on which the player has made a bet, loses in the first quarter, then he doubles the amount of the first bet. In the case of the second loss, the amount doubles again, and so on.

In basketball, there’s a great chance that a team that lost in three quarters will win in the fourth, as the confident rival usually relaxes at the end of the game. When the bet turns out to be winning in one of the quarters, the player must withdraw the winnings and not bet any more.

Strategy "Corridor"

This is a widespread strategy in basketball. It is determined by the difference between two opposite rates. For example, the game involves two teams and the following bets are placed on them:

  • total is more than-TB-170,5
  • total is less than -ТМ-175,5
  • 1 point for the team-F1 (-5,5)
  • handicap 2 teams -F2 (0)

The difference between the totals is equal to 5 points. This is the corridor. If the teams score a total of 171 to 175, then both bets will be played. If they score less than 175 points, then only the rate of TM passes, and if more than 175, then the TB rate will work.

Total is more or less

This strategy is available not only to experienced players, but also to beginners. The essence of the strategy: you need to guess the number of points that the team will score during the match. The bookmaker puts forward a restriction in the form of a certain number, for example, 160. After making a bet, the player agrees that the chosen team will gain either more or less than 160 points. Guessing which side will deviate from the proposed number, the player wins.

With a reliable bookmaker more reliable

Monetary bets on basketball are made in bookmakers, meaning in the places where the probabilities of match outcomes are defined in advance, determined by the established coefficients. We strongly recommend that you carefully study the information about the office, which you have decided to trust. Thank you, everyone whose choice fell on the Masters bet!

Bets on the NBA / NBA odds

The National Basketball Association is a professional men's basketball league. At the present time, the NBA includes 30 teams. Basketball and NBA bets have the same strategies mentioned above. Among the most popular rates for NBA games are the following:

  • the price for the total. The score in the NBA matches ranges from 140 to 230 points;
  • the price for the total. The score in the NBA matches ranges from 140 to 230 points;
  • Bidding on the winner. In basketball, the probability that the game will end in a draw is very small, so it makes sense to bet on winning one of the teams;
  • cents for the NBA champion. It is necessary to determine the team that will be the winner and thereby bring you real money.

It is very difficult to make bets on NBA basketball correctly, since it has its own characteristics. Firstly, matches are held almost daily and you can bet on the game even more often than on football. Secondly, because of the frequency of matches, those wishing to try out luck are multiplied by several times, therefore, bookmakers will try to form the coefficients in a thorough way, therefore it is not necessary to wait for large numbers. However, with the right approach to the game, the rates in the NBA can bring profit. This requires experience and regular participation. And yet, not always the game brings joy, you can feel the bitterness of losing. In such cases, you need to analyze your shortcomings and choose the strategy in which you will be most confident.

Play with us! And let you be lucky!