Backgammon: General information

The game is from the category of board games, designed for two participants. The goal of backgammon is to play checkers on a full-circle divided into two halves according to the points shown by the dice, visiting your so-called "home" and removing the checkers from the board before the opponent.

History of origin

In the original name of the game in the middle Persian language the name of the Iranian monarch Ardashir sounds with the addition of the epithet "brave". In the same language, the ancient book "Chatrang-Namag" about chess and backgammon is also written, in which the following legend is mentioned. In order to test the creativity of Persian thinking, the Indians sent them a chess set. The Buzurg-Mihir thinker did not live up to the Indians' hope that the Persians would not be able to comprehend the depth of chess thought.

Having unraveled the essence of the game, the sage, in his turn, invented his game and invited Indian opponents to play backgammon to Indian opponents, who did not get the sense of the game in forty days. Some researchers believe that the backgammon of the ancient world was also meant to serve ritual purposes. And the board, half of which has the quantity of holes which equals the amount of hours in a day and night or the number of months in a year, and the checkers personifying the life cycle were attributed to the ability to predict the future. Later there started to play backgammon for free and in masses, not going too deeply in mystical aspects of the game anymore.

Development in the world

Crusaders of the XII century, on their way back to Europe from crusades, took with them board games as loot. Experts believe that the French word trictrac, that is the "trick-track", which the Europeans began to call the game of the Persian wise men, arose from the characteristic sound of bones falling on the board. Backgammon was played exclusively by the aristocracy. The modern version was invented by the British named Edmond Hoyle who set the rules for playing the so-called "short backgammon", or, as it was first mentioned in 1645, "Backgammon".

According to one of the versions, due to the fact that the broken checker of the opponent would return back, this name was formed from the words "back" and "game". About a hundred years ago in the USA it was offered to use the multiplying initial cube Dove in the game for money. In 1931, this innovation was officially recognized as the International Rules and has remained fair to this day, regardless of the size of the tournament prize pools. You can play backgammon for free, you can play for money - today practically in any capital of the world there are clubs that hold international competitions.

Some peculiarities

On the question of how long it takes to learn the game of backgammon, people with a sense of humor answer that usually everything depends on intelligence, talent and will, but in the absence of these qualities - about five minutes. For example, online backgammon can be played right after getting basic knowledge of the game rules, including playing Russian backgammon, practicing the technique directly in online practice.

The main differences between long backgammon and short ones are not only in another initial arrangement, but also in the absence of knocked-down checkers, the possibility of locking the opponent's checkers, one direction of movement of both players - clockwise or counter-clockwise. To play long backgammon now is recommended on our site, where you can also find out all the relevant details.