Fixed matches

Fixed matches. Do they exist? People often ask this question. Maybe it's a myth? But most likely it’s reality. In today's world, contract matches are not uncommon. The result of such competitions is known in advance for a certain circle of initiates. Sometimes the participants of the fight agree on the outcome but often a bookmaker or an arbitrator participates in the conspiracy.

Naturally, from a legal point of view, these are very large violations of laws and regulations in sports competitions. The organizers of contractual matches are direct violators of the law, this activity should be regarded as a crime akin to fraud. But in order to consider this fact criminal, you must have irrefutable evidence, and this is often impossible.

The fixed matches are not free

Today, anyone who has reached the age of majority can register online for free for fixed matches, some sites even offer bonuses for this. But how true the information about the upcoming competitions is can not be known. Therefore, as usual, the organizers usually make money on this. None of the participants knows in advance which team will win, betting naturally on the strongest team that has won in previous competitions, but the rivals agree among themselves.

And the financial benefit is received by few, including the losing team, and the organizers. For the match matches, the exact score can determine the victory of one of the teams. Sometimes one of the big players bribes the judge. Naturally, such competitions are pursued by law, but it is almost impossible to prove that the fight was not fair.

Exact contractual matches are not free. The main thing is to find such a site where there will be no fraud, regard with wariness to untoward sites, and if there is a desire to participate in contractual matches, you need to look for information on serious insider resources, where in the conditions of the game there is an obligatory full cost recovery in case if something went wrong.

How not to deceive yourself, when betting on a contractual match

Predictions on the exact account of contract matches can be made by anyone. But this will be a complete deception and a "double-cross" of the participants in the games. People often find themselves "baited" because everyone wants "easy" and fast money. But, as you know, free cheese is found only in a mousetrap. You have to pay for everything.

Therefore, we must remember a simple truth: where there is a crime - there the risks exceed the possible profit. To believe that someone will be able to sell information to everyone and everyone will remain in the win is absurd. After all, someone who knows the information will try to earn on it. If contract matches happen somewhere, then a simple player of the bookmaker office will not know about it exactly, because such information is not usually distributed among "ordinary mortals", they are available only to those who are not only "plugged in" but also in the share.

And on the Internet such kind of information can not be found, no matter how beautiful some sites write about it. Any fixed match is not free-of-charge, it costs a lot of money. And behind it there are always very serious and influential people. Therefore, we must approach any kind of games very seriously, realizing that it is impossible to step back from the law, so as not to become a victim of a social participant.

You do not need to look for free fixed matches on the Internet or anywhere else, you need to learn to analyze the matches that have been played, make the right wise conclusions, resist the temptation to get "easy" money. And then luck will turn to you face. Trust your capital to those privateers whom you already know well, and who would not be involved in fraud.