On the Importance of Bookmaker Ratios

Not everyone knows how to bet on football. Few people pay due attention to bookmaker coefficients. And this factor, by the way, greatly influences the course of the game. Having familiarized with this article, you will understand how important it is for the winning rates to observe the golden mean, fluctuating between bookmaker coefficients and independently verified data.

Online bookies

Conditionally, players who bets on football can be divided into three groups. The first group includes those who completely ignore the bookmaker coefficients and rely solely on their own in-depth analysis and the sixth sense. The second group is the complete opposite of the first: here, on the contrary, there are those who attach great importance to the size of the coefficient. Such players, before making betting on football, carefully select the office, which has the largest coefficient in the betting line. The third group, albeit widespread, is poorly understood, because its members are people who often make such strange decisions that it is simply impossible to explain the logic behind them.

Next, let's talk about the first two groups (the amateurs will play at random until we leave it aside). It makes no sense to argue who is in a better position - those who rely on analysis and intuition, or those who prefer high ratios. In the optimal version, you must adhere to the golden mean. If you belong to the first group, next time you bet on football, spend time searching for the maximum ratio. If you have always been an unshakable supporter of bookmaker coefficients, then we want to remind you that after the decimal point the figures often make a possible gain to the detriment, and, on the contrary, in the case of long-term game seven tenths of the coefficients turn the negative indicators into positive ones.

Probability theory

To get into the system of bookmaker coefficients is not a simple task, especially for beginners. But even if you understand what the coefficients are, this will not be enough, because along with this understanding it is very important to understand the question - what is the probability of an event? Absolutely every person faces daily the most diverse risks: the risk of getting into the rain, missing a train, losing a phone, etc. Bookmaker bets on football are also carried out on the basis of an estimation of chances. Bookmakers give an assessment of risks, guided by the theory of probability. The probability is calculated on a scale from 0 (the event is impossible) to 1 (the event will happen). All other variants of forecasts are located in intermediate positions. The coefficients have many different formats: decimal, fractional, monetary line. This, bookmaker coefficients are only a reflection of a much more important thing - the probability of an event.

Coefficients: Instructions for use

Coefficients are available to any bookmaker. Football, like any sport, does not like rushing, if it comes to betting. Even when you find the maximum odds, do not rush to make a final bet. Honestly ask yourself - does the bookmaker overestimate the probability of the event in order to attract players, and did not you get caught up in the bait, driven by a passionate desire to get gilded?

To thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons you may consult the forecast for football which can easily be found on the Internet. If it turns out that the forecast contradicts the indicators of the bookmaker office, then the bookmaker either owns some kind of classified information, or he simply provokes betters. Do not look for a logical explanation to the actions of bookmakers, they are, by and large, the same players as you. To optimize your own game, improve your strategy! You lose a part of the winnings in any of the cases: whether you rely only on the coefficients or you are focusing solely on analysis and intuition.

We wish winning bets to all players!