Poker online: where to start? Offers

Before the start of the online poker game, it is recommended that you get acquainted with the application material - the current rules, the basic strategies, tactics and useful tips outlined in the application articles.

Principles of the resource

Speaking about the indisputable advantages of playing online poker on this resource, it is necessary to note some absolutely important aspects - the basic principles of a trustworthy licensed company.

Firstly, it is the security and unconditional transparency of the online poker game where registration takes place with strict confidentiality.

Secondly, the protection of minors, categorically not allowed in the poker room. Thirdly, the responsible attitude to the gaming problems and problems of players arising at the table, such as dependence, participation in the game beyond the limits of financial possibilities and behavior that causes damage to the normal life activity of a person.

First steps

In the rooms of the Masters bet virtual game establishment you can play several types of poker: Draw, Stud, in three types - limited, unlimited and pot-limit Texas Hold'em and others, descriptions of the rules of which are presented on separate pages. So-called stakes from the table determine the use rules during the distribution of cards for bets and raise of only those chips that were available to the players at the start of the hand.

Before you begin to play for free in Russian, it is useful for beginners to know some general information of the game that implies responsibility. Definitely one should not sit at the virtual table while experiencing signs of psychological discomfort, because one of the important factors in this game is calmness. Alcoholic beverages and medications are also not good aids to the player.

The game should be started by determining the size of the financial limit for a specific time both in the case of a loss and in the case of a win - and not increase it in the future. Playing online poker for money without any investment in this context should be considered separately, although most of the rules governing the game apply to it.

Bonus System

After the online poker registration has been completed, a special page of the site allows you to familiarize yourself with the offerings and bonuses of live casino, a detailed description of which and the system of their payments within the game itself are available in the "Limits" window.

So, for example, an extra bet called Sweet Bonus (HB) takes into account an open dealer card and two initial cards on the player's hand, from which a poker hand of three cards should be formed. In order to win the Sweet Bonus HB, you must, in accordance with the limits of the table, put the allowable amount on a certain betting field.

Calculation of bonus payments is carried out depending on the bet in the online poker game, multiplied by the corresponding coefficients, for example: 20: 1 for a three, 10: 1 for a street and 5: 1 for a flash. In the "Win" window, the winning bonus rate is displayed immediately after scanning the hidden dealer card.