The whole truth about bookmakers

Bookmaker - the word of English origin, meaning the profession of the disputant, that is, the person who collects monetary bets (and later pays the winnings) for various upcoming events (in the future we will only talk about sports). Bookmaker deals with what preliminarily assesses the probability of the outcome of the event, after which he invites players to bet on whether the prediction will come true or not.

How does the bookmaker work?

The bookmaker office contains a staff of sports analysts, well-savvy in statistics and probability theory. When assessing a particular sporting event, analysts display a coefficient taking into account that the office itself does not lose. That is, based on the costs that are associated with the conduct of legal business (permits, accounts, taxes, etc.), players are offered a coefficient that already contains a certain percentage of profit (margin).

So, after calculating the probability and deducing the coefficient, the bookmaker offers betting to players. If the bet is made and the dispute is lost, the player loses his money, if the player is right, the bookmaker pays him a win, which is determined by the size of the bet multiplied by the coefficient. Analyzing the demand for the upcoming game, the bookmaker offers its own rates. And several popular bids can be offered, for example, bookmakers' bet on boxing is as follows: the main outcome, the draw, the early victory, the victory on points, the duration of the fight.

How to earn on the rates?

This question worries every player. Whatever one may say, a bookmaker always has an advantage over betters, as he relies on the professionalism of analysts. And players, hoping for luck, can rely only on their knowledge and intuition. How to increase the probability of winning? First, read the following:

  • Remember that the bookmaker is a person who also has a tendency to make mistakes.
  • Each office has its own analysts who calculate the coefficients. Therefore, bookmaker forecasts are often different. You need to put it where the coefficient is higher.
  • Pay attention to the rating of the bookmakers. Choose the best sports betting operators, considering that there are no ideal sports betting. You should be sure of 100% payout.
  • At present, betting at bookmakers can be done via the Internet. Online bookmaker on the page of your site daily puts out a list of events for which the rates of registered players are accepted. More and more people give preference to offices working through the Internet, the reason is convenience. With the help of electronic payment systems, you can quickly enter and withdraw money.
  • There is a free bookmaker office. It provides its users with the following features:
  • Minimum bet of 0,01s of game currency;
  • Participating in the affiliate program, you can get an additional win: 10% of the winnings of each user you attract;
  • Minimum payout - only 10s of the game currency;
  • All users are given a gift in the amount of 1s of game currency.
  • Visit masters-bet.com. It is designed for those who want to bet, but can not choose a decent office. A separate section contains forecasts of bookmakers, a lot of analytical reviews, as well as news from the world of sports. Here you can find information about the largest bookmakers, read articles about rates, learn the rating of bookmakers.
  • The main task of the player is to develop his own strategy for predicting possible outcomes of events. Analyze the features of the matches, bet on the game, where the probability of a successful outcome is at least 30%, listen to your intuition!