What kind of poker to choose?

Among more than one hundred and thirty varieties of poker - for both home and professional games, there are three main types.


One of the easiest is Draw poker, which is popular at friendly meetings, in the family circle and in online poker games. After making the initial bet, players are dealt five cards each, followed by a round of betting. After the participants of the game have announced how many cards they want to change, the dealer replaces cards for the new ones from the deck. Then follows the final round of trade.

There is also another variant of draw poker called Double Discarding Draw-poker, which can be simultaneously played by seven people. In this version, players can change cards not one, but two times per game. By making the initial bet, the participants become holders of five closed cards and carry out a trade round. Next - the announcement, the replacement of cards, if necessary, and the next round of trade, after which the turn of the second replacement comes with a subsequent round. These rules are also true for playing poker online in Russian for money.

Stud Stud

The game Stud can be either 4, 5 or 7-card. The latter, with the possibility of blind betting, is the most common. The initial bet is introduced - and players receive one open and two closed cards. After the betting round, everyone is dealt one more card in the open. The scheme is as follows: a round of trade - plus one card in the open - a round of trade - a card in the open - a round of trade - a card in a closed - the last round of trading. The combination is selected from five cards that are in the hands of the player. This kind of Stud was the most popular kind of poker until it was time to play Texas Hold'em or Texas poker online for free.

Texas Holdem

The birthplace of this type of poker is the city of Robstown in Texas. Thanks to the famous players in 1967 Texas Hold'em got to Las Vegas, and from there already - to Europe. Texas Hold'em, in its turn, is divided into the limited one with limited rates; the one with pot limit, when the bet limit determines the size of the bank and, finally, the unlimited Texas Hold’em, the rules of which provide for the maximum limit on the player's stack size. The game of poker online, as well as the "live" game, occurs according to the following rules. Two players following the shuffler make the so-called blinds, which are blind bets, and, as a rule, the first player contributes half of the minimum bet, and the second player - full. Participants receive two closed cards (preflop), then follows a round of betting. Before the second round, three open cards are placed on the table - the flop.

Next on the table appears the fourth card in the open - the turn with the round of trade following. At this stage, limited Hold'em involves doubling the fixed rate. On the table, the fifth card is dealt in the open - the river. After all five cards are on the table, the last lap starts. You can play poker online for real money on the site. The player who makes the most advantageous combination wins by using (or not using) his two and five community cards wins.